Infinite Inferno arena issues

Love it. Just wanted to list out some issues I have encountered:

  • “Play Infinite Inferno” banner in regular levels brings up the Blazing Battle dialog and link.

  • [Python] Get “TypeError” when trying to call champion.move(enemyChampion.pos) or enemyCreep.pos or enemyTower.pos. No TypeError when doing it with the pos of the enemy base. I am not able to get its .x or .y either.

  • [Python] I am shown Vector in the documentation column, as an additional section under “Methods”. Looking at the documentation, it looks like Javascript documentation.

  • [Python] The “level” callback parameter for the function passed to hero.chooseUpgrade does not seem to work.

  • [Python] [Feature Request] hero.distanceTo(other) would be very useful.

  • Also, performance seems to slow down badly when players get thrower-happy.


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Thank you, Milton. Is this the right forum/category for this? I wasn’t sure if it should go into the github bugs since it’s all related to one specific level.

Yes this is the right place. I think @Deadpool198 or @Alexbrand might be able to help you with this. I think you first have to find the enemyChampion. I don’t know how to do it.

Hmm, I don’t think that is the problem, since enemyChampion is already set using champion.findNearestEnemy(“champion”), and I am successfully using it as a target to attack. It is just that it is not possible to use its .pos to move toward it or for other logic.

It appears to be maybe some kind of class variable visibility or population issue?

As far as I remember GitHub likely more preferable for bug reporting.
Cool job anyway!

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Where do you post in git hub?

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Me? I didn’t. I’m talking about this part of the topic: How to report a bug:
Known bugs live in the GitHub issues
You might want to do a quick search in our GitHub issues to see whether someone else has already reported the bug. If not, we’d love to hear about it so we can fix it. It’s really helpful if you can post the issue on GitHub, but if you’re not sure, you can also post it to the forum.”

Thanks for reporting @Smloh!
CC @nick @codeluggage

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Thanks for the feedback! We will fix these bugs soon, and we will also be tweaking the balance in the first parts of April to make things more interesting (for example, nerfing knight rushes). Do let me know if you have more feedback on the balance.


There is a bug where Red Team nights can’t stomp so they are weak.

Thanks, Nick!

I’m afraid I found another issue:

  • [Python] champion.findNearestEnemy(kind)/.findNearestFriend(kind) and other “kind”-dependent functions do not seem to differentiate between “creep”, “champion”, and “tower”, which all return the same closest unit. “base” works correctly.

Is it more helpful to file these kinds of issues in GitHub? It didn’t seem to be the right place for level-specific(?) issues like these.

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Here’s fine. @Bryukh, @Bobby_Lockhart, and I can see them here and make the necessary fixes.


Sometimes if you win it counts as a loss

In the dungeon menu, the link needs to be changed to bring you to Infinite Inferno, not Blazing Battle.

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wishtalon, are you talking about how when you click on the “Fight!” on the right side next to a loss, it might show you winning?
I think that happens because “Fight!” uses the current version of your code, and also always has you as Red. If you want an accurate view of what happened, you should use “Spectate” after clicking the “eye” next to you and the other player.

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Thank you. I’ve added all issues and hope to jump on them tomorrow or on this week for sure.


too many thangs…

Fixed. It was a stupid error and findEnemies/findFriends(kind) didn’t work correctly too

Can’t reproduced this issue, I remember I fixed it a week ago.