Background Dialogues

Hi Adventurers and Players!

I want to ask your opinion about “background dialogues”. Maybe you’ve noticed that some levels have dialogues/monologues when some characters on the level are talking/telling about something non-related for the level solving. Just for fun. You can find those dialogues in next levels for example:

Usual Day
Picnic Buster
No Pain No Gain
and maybe 5-7 levels more like those.

Those dialogues take time to write and code. Could you say you opinion about them? Do we need more or it’s just waste of time?

  • I love background dialogues! Give me more!
  • They are good, however they are waste of time.
  • Dialogues are annoying and distract me. Remove them.
  • Are there some dialogues?

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Dialogues are good, I read them. They add a bit of life to the levels.
It all depends on how much time it really takes and do you have fun while writing it or not.
It’s probably nice method to relax/take a break for you.
But if it becomes sort of chore for you it definitely not worth it.

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Dialogues take various time. Sometimes it’s easy and obvious when I’m making a level. Sometimes it’s easy, but jokes can be offensive or specific, so it’s hard to make them “softer”. But anyway it’s fun and IMO add some addition “taste” for levels.

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Keep up the good habit!

I would even suggest to open a topic (a sticky one) to collect CC related jokes/puns/dialogs from users, related (or not) to specific levels. This would give you the option to pick up some ready-made lines when you need/find one!


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Both my daughter and I read them and like them. They add to the game-like atmosphere/environment. Running levels without them wouldn’t be bad, but it would be a little dry, less fun, and less interesting. The ability to make learning fun and game-like is what gives CoCo such an edge over other available learning programs. I’ve seen third graders tear through Kithgard Dungeon and love doing it. Those little subtleties are part of the overall package that makes CoCo what it is.

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