Chat Level 15 or more

Here you can chat if you are level 15+

I love the idea though it would be hard to make sure that the people that will chat are level 15+ most that know about codecombat discourse are usually 15+ so you might not need that rule included. Still it is a really good idea.

Rather than clog up Discourse with tons of chat, why not just set up an IRC chat room and post directions here. Have the topic pinned so everyone can see it.

Also, that would alleviate CoCo staff from having to moderate it. I’m sure they’re busy enough without having to tend chat discussions. Along with the directions there can be a clear disclaimer that while the IRC chat room is for CoCo discussions, it is in no way moderated or controlled by CoCo.

To me this seems to be more practical, especially since most chat rooms quickly devolve into mindless prattle anyway.

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