Backwoods-brawl bugs

Hi there , i don’t think I need to post the code , i think its cheating, but if I comment out my code, i’ll lose , if I don’t comment out code, it would stop and say code never finished.

There were many topics like this. In high level brawls level stops loading because of a big amount of ogres.It always says that there’s an infinite loop, even if there is no loop.

P.S. Actually it’s sad that A LOT of people copied my strategy (it was discovered 2 years ago) and didn’t write their own.

Well, I use my own strategies from 1 to 8

tbh it is very sad, its kinda ez to do tbh. i wish coco would make a feature that would make u unable to see code when looking at someone

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Yeah, or just you could see people who have your level or lower (not higher)


You mean the one with the circle and the wind spell?

No, that was Kevin Holland’s strategy.

My strategy is the “Getting on the wall”

Ah ok, I use Kevin’s strategy with some changes after 6 because there is just too many enemies :] not yours, but yeah, almost everyone copies one of the high-level solutions :/

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each time you submit it would be slower :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

my strats be like:
step 1, dont play backwoods brawl
step 2 : go touch grass, get a real life, get a job, have fun
step 3: realize u cant do that
step 4: just play fortnite

Umm … the link is not working.


Well, I am just a kid , you want me to get a job? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Well, this is for @PeterPalov