Apaster level 14 Backwoods Brawl

I was looking at the leader board of Backwoods Brawl recently and I saw that a user called: “apaster”, had got level 14.

I thought it was a bit strange that he could have got such a high score, so I went to the difficulty latest page and (fortunately) he was there. I tried to watch it but it had an infinite loop, which was strange considering the system seemed to think he had working code which could beat level 14.

@maka Can you access the level to see what’s wrong?
For all I know he could just have a really good strategy, but I doubt he could have got a higher score (by 5!) than Kevin Holland with Okar.
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I can’t say he’s cheating. Might be just using an excellent solution. @stephanie can take a look.


I only made it to level 7 using Okar and rather simplistic code. With more advanced code and better heroes/equipment/spells, I could probably get a couple of more levels but with the difficulty doubling every time I doubt I could get to 14. If he’s for real (not cheating somehow), I’d love to see Apaster’s code.


Here’s the problem mate, Apaster’s code is too complicated, or the level has too many ogres, we can’t see the code. And if he was cheating, I’ll doubt he’ll just use it on Backwoods brawl.


Hey Deadpool, everyone else. I no longer work at CodeCombat and do not have access to any additional information. As @Chaboi_3000 mentioned, @stephanie may be able to help.



As @maka mentioned @stephanie is the new customer advocate. Please mention her instead of maka. Thanks. Also, it seems like @stephanie is taking a look at this issue. :+1:


Ok, thanks for being a great Customer Advocate :grin: