Help on Backwoods Brawl 7

I’m trying to pass Backwoods Brawl 7 with Nalfar (see image).

Here is my code:
removed to protect other players from using it

Any hints?

I think here should be 0 and 1 instead of 1 and 2

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Thanks - that’s true.

I just opened up Backwoods Brawl 7 and it said it was a success with friends[1], friends[2] but when I fixed it to friends[0], friends[1], I died before the one minute had ended. So I guess its a game of luck now - sometimes my code works if its a good seed.

Yeah probably.

Btw, I advice you to remove your code because it is a very good code and instead PM it to someone for help so it wouldnt be used by other players

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Oh I have never got a compliment for my code. Thanks. My friends call me a nerd.

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I removed it now. Btw do you think I should try and submit or make a new code because I just got the vine staff?

I think stick to running the code until every seed works (maybe you will have to adjust your code) and then submit, unless you are fine with waiting a full day in case it doesnt work

ok thanks

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Use the oak sphere staff, it’s windstorm can defect all missiles, it can lag out.
I passed up until level 12

seriously?? I’m gonna try it now! thanks

There is actually an exploit to get rid of the one-day timer lol (can’t exactly say it in a topic)

ahem. completed level 11, not 12 (don’t say the passed up thing pls because it’s confusing)
I got past level 7 with it but hushbaum just isn’t tanky enough to get past 8

Dude, the amount of exploits you found in here

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I do love finding them :smirk:

  • Loads of exploits for an easy game
  • No exploits for a fair, educational and rewarding game

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Welll, in my defense I already knew most of the concepts before starting, soooo finding exploits was just fun

Also we’re getting off-topic now

aaaaah sorry


There are exploits for everything, but it doesn’t mean they should be used though.

i got it by accident yesterday tho