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Backwoods brawl Help

I can’t find the code error in this section of the game it keeps on saying that its going null. here’s my code.Screenshot 2020-04-08 at 11.26.50 AM

I keep getting this.

What happens if there isn’t an enemy?

i tried to make him move to the middle but the error keeps poping up and he wont move

The null that it is reporting is because enemy = null. Nest that entire if statement inside another if statement that tests for enemy = True.

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how do i test to see if enemy is there

Something like:

    if enemy:
        if hero.isReady....# The rest of your if statement (block) goes here

ok that worked but now he wont survive for one minute any tips

Get the best armor/weapons you can afford, but be sure not to pauper yourself. Make use of every attack method you possibly can…if a warrior, bash, cleave, attack; with a wizard, or via items, cast. If playing a ranger, be sure to use secondary weapon. Also, use any special abilities if they are available. And once you get the good Boss Star(s), if not already, summon helpers!

It make take a lot of trial and error, but know that you can always come back and try again. I’m on the 6th round of this level and am at a stand still…eventually, I’ll come up with a new idea, technique, whatever and will hopefully move on to 7…just keep trying :slight_smile:

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