Battle Of Red Cliffs Bugs

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0 infinite. Also not slow at all:/

My thiefs are not doing what I commanded them. This only happens when I fight cqlantianxiang Please help it made me drop from 2nd to 4th place
Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 11.37.59 AM
I think this happens to other people too

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umm you have to adjust the code, i had that problem until i adjusted it

This only happens when I fight cqlantianxiang and he is my only lost

still, adjust the code bro

This happens to everyone. Try fighting cqlantianxiang, your thiefs will not do what you command

no, i have they work

It seems that all python is converted to JS. Many basic python functions are missing, while counterparts in JS are working. You also seem to be able to mix and match your python and JS.

It is annoying not having some basic python functions like the type function and the dir function.

For instance; when passing state and trying to convert to a string. Python str( will fail and give a JS error about it being a protected property, while the same call in JS String(

will return the string. So currently I’m making a JS function call in the middle of my python script.

I don’t see anything in the rules that state you must use only python or JS, but still, it is annoying.



huh, well ur not supposed to use both in CodeCombat at the same time, i thought everyone knew that

CodeCombat python is more JavaScript, not python. So you can use JS functions in your code. This is safer than to expect your python code to act properly. I have not tried all the functions below, but if they work in JS code ( the current CoCo JS version is archaic, so it can also fail ) they will be OK in CoCo python:

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