Cannot find module


I haven’t been on Code combat for a while, but opened it up and was looking at one of the web development tasks, when I got this error message.

Anyone know what this is caused by please?

You can’t use Python for this level since the conversion module to convert Python to JavaScript doesn’t exist, you need to use Javascript :] and don’t worry, this code will work in JavaScript as well, just add semicolons (;) to the end of each line

@Bryukh maybe you could add the conversion file? Or is it meant to only be for JavaScript? (I noticed it says "JavaScript: ")

This is weird, it should switch you to JS. Have you switched to Py on purpose?

Can confirm this has been happening to me sometimes when I change languages. A temporary fix would be to add ?codeLanguage=javascript to the link. Usually this fixes it.

Just clicked on the star on the map and the code was in there. Usually for the other JS items there has been some starting JS code to work from (as far as I can recall, it’s been a while)