Battle of Red Cliffs Questions

Whenever I personally fight someone with the starter code for this level, I win, but when I simulate matches against the same people, I lose. Why?

Do all the players have only archers? If that’s the case, then maybe it’s a glitch. The same happened to me.

yeah, that’s what’s happening

Try to refresh the page.


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I’ve tried that multiple times, and it still doesn’t work

Who were you against? Maybe that person kept editing the code and this is why.

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It is against anyone that I lose to while simulating

I’m looking at this bug where you sometimes see default code (all archers) for enemies on the ladder. Can you share any more information? Do you see this all the time, or just sometimes? For red or blue or both? Against certain opponents and not others? Does refreshing sometimes, always, or never fix it?

I see it 90% of the time, for both sides, against only people I lose to, and refreshing has never worked

Now when I refresh, I see the actual troops, not the archers

why don’t I add points when I win

I have a glitch look

MOD edit: Please do not post code for this challange


Can you take a screenshot?

HOW (I’m using a iMac

CMD–>SHIFT–> 4, then select a region you want to screenshot and let go of the mouse and it will save the image to the desktop.
Have you made sure you ran the code?

ok I restarted then it worked

Whens next stage coming out? Or is just red cliffs Codequest?

help again im not add points

What do you mean?


I beat someone higher then me but I only get a lower ranking