Sorcerers Blitz attack log

So its simply just the same as last one i just see my battle log then trying to battle the lost but when i battle people who win attacking me so like when i see my lost i try to attack it again its says its loss but its says i win without changing my got. Btw its not nick its qjleny

Please don’t make more than one thread. Compile them in one thread so it’s easier for us to keep track. You’ve made so many topics it’s hard to sort them out.

Bro its not nick again its normal people like Hello said Nick can do that by it self

But like normal user cant do that?

You know I have nothing to say to that cause to me I always beat you

Bro im catching you up im at 7 lol

Heres the example

Note: i dont change my code

That’s not a bug. Every time there are different seeds so if you win with small amount of health you can lose in another battle.
Sometimes even if you win with all health you can lose, but that’s rare. If you want to beat that person try to write a better code maybe?

Ok so like every time its says lose it just lose in a rondom map but if i battle it again without changing code the map is different?

I didn’t know there were random maps

bro itry to see the tie then it minus my point but when i battle it i suppose to win bc he or she only using one collector doing nothing

Its because you lose on your blue side. When you click play you can only see your red side, but in the simulations sometimes you are on the blue side so the coordinates are reversed.