Beating Stranded in the Dunes like a BOSS!

This is specifically for those having issues with the final boss freezing up the game*

So, I’ve had lots of trouble getting through this level, with all the hype of transitioning into side scrolling, the surprises of an unending skeletal army, and a horde of uncontrollable yaks, terrorizing your code driven hero, this level can be a headache.

And then you finally get to the Lich-- Skeleton king, beating down on his servants… and then it freezes on you.

(well considering this is a picture… but imagine if this was the game but it looked same!)

#Tips to beat this lvl like a BOSS
(or to beat the boss like a programming gamer)
using Miss Hushbum…baum

This is specifically for those having issues with the final boss freezing up the game*

You would most likely want to incorporate using flags to carefully maneuver through this level.

Using emperors gloves for chain-lighting helps (and hurts) with good AOE dmg.

All thats really needed is some health and the regen ability and trust auto attacks.

As soon as you move all the way to the right you will want to keep moving (placing down your flag toward the center of the map) as fast as possible… There will be skeletons that will appear and yaks running toward you, but don’t worry about them, just get to the center of the map as fast as possible, here is why.

The skeletons will sometimes just chase you unable to attack until it catches up to you, if they are sending arrows your way the dmg is not enough to get you to a critical state, and most importantly, the yaks will stampede all over them, killing them for you as shown in the first picture. You want to get to the center of the map to stop the yaks from spawning repeatedly. They are no real danger though unless you attack them first, they will initially run in a direction (possibly where your standing) but if not being attacked, they will flow right passed you. ( this can be tricky if you are a caster with a far auto attack range… this is the reason you need to immediately click down on your flag toward the center of the map so your code will ignore attacking until it reaches the flag, unless your explicitly telling it to ignore attacking yaks)

After making it through all the skeletons and yaks, when you get to the last area where the Red X is,kill the two skeletons there but didn’t step on or near the X. After those two are dead, I went back to the previous map ( but had long since learned is shared somehow ) because now you are able to see the Red X there.

I step on it and the fight begins, like you’ve probably seen. Initially the skeleton king approaches you with some dialog and starts waking on you but is invulnerable to attack. (unless you got a good seed and there are some fire-traps on the ground near by, you can get him to follow you toward them to do some early dmg, but he’s generally going to survive, and as far as I can tell, this invulnerability is as intended to force you to fight waves of his army before he inevitably has to finish the job himself.

After you kill the king, the village elder’s son appears and will teleport you back to the town…unlesss he gets stuck behind something due to the randomly seeded map we went back to… in that case, just leave him and manually walk back to the village, you should see him stuck somewhere like this once you get there.

After that, just wait out the rest of the 2 minutes, and SUCCESS!!

hopefully this has been helpful everyone
after its all said and done, i’ve really enjoyed this level, my hopes are to reduce at least some of the frustration if anyone was still having that issue with the final boss getting stuck and just wanting to move forward .

Good Luck,

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I have one question. HOW DO YOU DEFEAT THE KING!!!

Do you have to subscribe for this level because i have good gear and i want to try it

I don’t really think so. I might be subscribed but I still don’t think so.

Sorry I mean’t the opposite of what you said. But, I will warn you that this level has a lot of bugs.

I am so sorry but when I looked at the level it actually is a level that you need to subscribe for.

ok i guess i cant do the lvl

What gear? Is it at least obsidian?

No, it’s the Enameled Dragon set

then what sword, I beat it with the paladin one

Thank you for this! The level kept freezing, but going back one screen and having the boss fight there fixed it for me.