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Would like to switch from teacher to individual account


I currently have a teacher account, but would like to change to a individual account so I can use /play…
@nick I’ve heard you could help, would be much appreciated

Here is the profile link!

Thanks Again


I cannot verify your account through the forums, so please email this request to from the email you use to log in to CodeCombat, and I’ll de-teacher you.



Sent the message from


All done, Jordan. You have been de-teachered.


I also want to de-teacher my account because I can’t access my levels anymore :frowning:
Can my students also de-student by writing to this email?


Yes, that’s the process, or if they don’t want to wait for a response, they can start a new account.


How long is the typical response? It’s been 3 days and I haven’t heard back from the team yet. Is it possible to make the process automatic, so we can press a button on our profile page? I don’t think creating a new account is feasible, because we’ve spent so many hours doing the levels and we will lose so much work. Thanks for your consideration


Sorry, we were off for a winter break. I’m going through all our support emails now and should clear everything in the queue in the next two days.


Thanks a lot, I’ve also told my clan-buddies to de-student their accounts. I hope we can get things sorted out before Saturday. I really appreciate your help on this.


I have had this problem to as after changing to teacher I couldn’t do anything can you fix it


Contact and ask them to deteacher you or you can ask @maka


Be sure to tell them your game username when you contact them. The staff is usually very prompt about responding.


@Chaboi_3000 is right, but email is better than summoning me, in case I’m on vacation.

@MunkeyShynes is also right – we can’t help you without your username or the email address you use in CodeCombat (we don’t need or want your password – never ever send your password).