Would like to switch from teacher to individual account

I currently have a teacher account, but would like to change to a individual account so I can use /play…
@nick I’ve heard you could help, would be much appreciated

Here is the profile link!

Thanks Again

I cannot verify your account through the forums, so please email this request to team@codecombat.com from the email you use to log in to CodeCombat, and I’ll de-teacher you.


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Sent the message from xion4762@gmail.com

All done, Jordan. You have been de-teachered.

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I also want to de-teacher my account because I can’t access my levels anymore :frowning:
Can my students also de-student by writing to this email?

Yes, that’s the process, or if they don’t want to wait for a response, they can start a new account.

How long is the typical response? It’s been 3 days and I haven’t heard back from the team yet. Is it possible to make the process automatic, so we can press a button on our profile page? I don’t think creating a new account is feasible, because we’ve spent so many hours doing the levels and we will lose so much work. Thanks for your consideration

Sorry, we were off for a winter break. I’m going through all our support emails now and should clear everything in the queue in the next two days.

Thanks a lot, I’ve also told my clan-buddies to de-student their accounts. I hope we can get things sorted out before Saturday. I really appreciate your help on this.

I have had this problem to as after changing to teacher I couldn’t do anything can you fix it

Contact team@codecombat.com and ask them to deteacher you or you can ask @maka

Be sure to tell them your game username when you contact them. The staff is usually very prompt about responding.

@Chaboi_3000 is right, but email is better than summoning me, in case I’m on vacation.

@MunkeyShynes is also right – we can’t help you without your username or the email address you use in CodeCombat (we don’t need or want your password – never ever send your password).

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Hi, please may you de-teacher me as well? I know this is a bit late

Hi there @Ruby_Hoang! Welcome to the Discourse.
Unfortunately, the person you’re replying to hasn’t been active in over 2 years.
It would be advisable to contact customer support at team@codecombat.com, or by scrolling to the bottom of the codecombat.com webpage and selecting “contact”.
Hopefully this helps to answer your question and fix any issues that you’re having with your account,

Thanks for reading,


Oh okay. I have contacted team@codecombat.com on email already.

I would also like to switch my account back to individual

Hi @Test_8080 the admins are not very active right now so it would probably be faster to just contact support@codecombat.com.