What is your favorite spell?

Wht’s your fav spell?
Any spell.
Examples, heal, raise dead, grow, windstorm… etc



I like summon-undead. Summon 2 skeletons.


Also, just wondering, [since my parents are considering getting me a 2 month subscription for summer break] is reset cooldown actually what the name is?? It actually resets it so you can cast the same spell like instantly again?

Yes. Reset cool down just resets cool down. Let’s say you wanna cast grow on an ally. Then u cast grow. Then u wanna cast grow again. So u reset cool down, and cast grow again.

BTW can you try out my level witch rebellion?

Ok. Then in that case, my fav is actually reset cooldown. Then, I can summon like unlimited stuff if i had the money!

Yeah. When you have sub, please play my level. I really want some feedback. )

Well… for now, i am not sub, but your level seems impossible without sub!

I like summon undead for sub
For non-sub I like chain-lightning a lot

Oh, yea! Chain-lightning is so awesome, particularly cuz it attacks almost all enemies near the unfortunate individual who got hit first

Hahahahahahhahaah it is not impossible! Priyourtize targets carefully!

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My favourite spell is swap.

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My favourite spell is definitely sacrifice… :smiling_imp: It’s a bit creepy, but I like the way your hero can get so big and strong.


I’ve never used sacrifice… I don’t have Nalfar and my subsription ended.

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I like all of the lightning ones.

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I love reset cooldown. If it’s possble to reset cooldown for reset cooldown… :slight_smile: