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Best way to run a small tournament?


I’m a CodeCombat newbie, and would like to organise a short tournament for friends at work (~ 10-20 people, all experienced programmers).

What would be the best way for me to have a competitive multiplayer competition between a group of friends?
Pick a particular multiplayer level, let everyone play it for a fixed amount of time, then compare rankings?
Is there a way to organise battles between just a particular group of users?

Any ideas/suggestions welcomed!

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Haven’t got a chance to play around with the source code yet but I’m sure if you forked the code and ran it on a local server you could do that. May or may not takes a little modifying - would be cool though; let me know if you get anywhere:)


You can fork any existing multiplayer level on and just have your friends play it. No one else will have the link, so it’s unlikely that anyone would crash the party. (Let’s test it in advance, though, so we can make sure that the games simulate properly and everything.)


Thanks very much for the suggestions!

I’m going to try the “fork existing multiplayer level” approach… Looks good so far.

If I do a few experiments, is it possible to delete any of my levels that I no longer want? I don’t see any option to do this…


Hey John, there isn’t currently a way to delete levels or units, unfortunately, but you can simply leave them around for the time being (we have more than enough disk space and memory on the servers).