How we use CodeCombat in our classroom: EPIC BATTLES

We’ve found that we can get students very excited about coding in CodeCombat by putting them into teams and having them ‘battle,’ where the winner of the battle is the team that can beat the greatest total number of levels in half an hour.

THE SETTING: We dim the lights, put on exciting music, and project a huge timer on the smartboard.

Cool results of this format: Students are really excited to help their neighbors because they know that by helping their neighbors to get unstuck they can dramatically increase the total number of levels that their team can complete.

I hope that this idea is useful to you! Please email me at if you have any questions or want to talk about this more.




Have you tried putting them up in Multiplayer? They have to find a strategy for Zero-Sum (assuming they already reached the Mountains) and after 1-2 hours you let one team play against the other. Best of three or Best of five decides the winner.

Just my idea.

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I didnt know there are team battles implemented in CC. Do I need to join a clan to get into one?

This game have some much potential!!! i will definitely get a subscription when I get straigh with my money :stuck_out_tongue: $$$ are bit problematic when U live in Europe thought…

2nd thing - U really think someone can code good strategy for Sum Zero in 1-2 hours??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, team battles aren’t really implemented. My idea was as follows:

You have two or more teams of 4 people each. Each team has to come up with a code. After a set timelimit (2 schoolhours = 90 min = 1-2 hours) the accounts manually fight against each other. Results are entered into a tournament list and the winner team get’s some chocolate.

To make searching for friends easier you can set-up a local environment. Obviously your code won’t fight random people from the internet and organizing the fights is easier, but you first need to get the environment up and running. Your choice.


Hi how do u go about setting it up for a local environment where u pit each team against each other?

Raf. Try putting your class in one clan and have them split in red and blue. They then play the multiplayer level in clan of your choice and after everyone has coded their strategy they fight off.