Bilingual Chat (Spanish and English)

Hey, I made this because I need to get my Spanish together ;-;.

I stopped speaking spanish for so long so ima need some google translate for somethings/Dejé de hablar español durante tanto tiempo, así que necesito un traductor de Google para algunas cosas.

apuesto a que solo algunas personas se uniran a esto porque no muchos hablan espanol

Person, I do not know who you are, but you better stop starting with me. End of Convo.

This is like the 4th time bruh give up. So instead of being an annoyance be a little cheese nsfw crusader cuz this is an other languages chat not Be-A-Brat-Chat

just because your an older person doesn’t mean you are more superior Sky3 you have a large brain but you still are learning how to use it.

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Ok you 2 are getting out of hand. I am tempted to flag both of you. Will someone second the motion?


Yes, this is getting out of hand. Is this topic really necessary? I mean- imo its really not
Sky3, please be respectful to everyone on this forum even if they are younger than you, same goes for cheddarcheese


I second it. Lydia’s right, this might be unnecessary @Sky3, but it’s also much more unnecessary to fight.