What language am i using

hello i am going to say werid things in here you guys will have to see what i am saying and it will be in any language that is spoken
fore mt first it is


@Chaboi_3000 or @Deadpool198 I’m pretty sure there is no need for this topic. Could one of yall close it


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this is not spam and why does it need to be closed

If this is like an off-topic topic just for fun it’s ok, otherwise I do not think this topic has any need

No offense to you however


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it is just for fun and laugh and i made a code for it too so i planned it all out

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@Luke10 is correct
dude you have made like 5+ topics today
I dont really see the point of this…


I wouldn’t say this is really a topic. That means a “subject”. Like i18n interface suggestions, or The Memes Topic. It’s a specific area relating to a certain subject. To be honest, this just seems like an excuse for you to show all the languages you know.
Couldn’t you have written this in a PM to some people. Remember this is a massive forum, around 7,000 users have registered in total, and some topics have 50,000+ views. If I’m honest, it’s not a great look to have these kinds of random topics as the first thing to see when you visit the official CodeCombat Discourse.
I’m getting slightly tired of telling you this, so please choose your topics more carefully. You could create lots of very interesting topics which provoke discussion from lots of different members of the forum and that would be great, but these kinds of topics are not good enough, I’m afraid.