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Diplomats help translate the site, the game’s levels, articles, and the audio into non-English languages. Use this category to discuss i18n and l10n.

See the Diplomat class description for more info and to sign up for i18n-related updates. You can also get started translating here.

  • Discuss translation problems and standard conventions here.

  • Discussions in other languages are welcome. The CodeCombat team can sort of get by in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French, and if not, there’s always Google Translate.


I’d be glad to add PT-BR to that list.


I can translate from English to Portuguese (Portugal - Europe)

I can translate from English to Spanish(Spain)

PT-BR finished (by now) ! :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks guys! If you didn’t get the email I sent out about this, here it is. The first draft of the basic translations is being done in this Google Doc, and later we’ll set up a much better system for live-editing all the translations.

I have some of the translations inserted into the live site now, and I’ll do another round early next week. Jeremy is working on putting them all into the level editor, too, for the first three levels.

Is this still the best way to add translations? Or is there already a system in place?

I’ll complete the english->dutch translation later this week.

(I’m new)

Hi Nagura! Yeah, that’s still the best way to add them. We’re tracking a few issues on getting the process more streamlined here:

When those are done, I’ll do one more round of manually moving the translations over from the doc, then close it and post on how to use the new systems.


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I have translated the Google Docs into Norwegian Bokmål.

Hi, it’s nice to add new translation on Google Docs, but some English texts are missing some words. For example: “contribute_prefix” has original English text that goes “If you’re interested in contributing, check out our”, but it’s hard to translate if words that follows “our” are missing.

It should be possible to do any translation with this structure, right? The words are all there:

contact	contribute_prefix	If you are interested in contributing, check out our 
contact	contribute_page		contribute page
contact	contribute_suffix	!

So you can put the following words in “contribute_page” or “contribute_suffix”.

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Thanks nick, but I still think that the whole sentence should be presented in a row for translators. If I know the object of verb phrase “check out” is “contribute page”, I’ll be able to translate it. But if it’s not, it’s really hard to come up with good translation for it. I mean, “check out of a hotel” and “check out the suspect’s alibi” is totally different so translators should know context to add proper translation.

One more thing is that "Check out the page " should be “ページを確認してください” in Japanese and “‘Check out’ is 確認して” and “‘the page’ is ページを”. So, the word order is changed. If “Check out the” and “contribute page” is separate, it’s really hard to add translation.


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Yes @nick I also have taught about this when I was implementing all the missing i18n tags. The point is indeed that word orders in sentences can change from language to language, and now we’ll get really weird sentences in some languages. So we need to find a way to be able to let them translate a complete sentence / paragraph.

Doing this will solve 2 problems:

  • It will make the translators job easier, and allow them to translate a complete sentence/paragraph in a nice way.
  • It will solve our problem we now have with characters such as spaces, ‘:’ and sentence ending characters.

Now we break up sentences when we have an html tag like a URL (a href) in our sentence. Other things like italic, bold and such can also happen. I don’t think it will be possible to do this without breaking the sentences up in code. But when we program the system that allows translators to translate on the website, they can maybe just translate the sentences and mark the special parts of the sentences (the parts that are bold, a link, etc… ).

I think this complete system needs to be automated both for the coders and the translators, to have a flexible system that supports the needs of the translators but doesn’t give the coders extra work.


Now that I think about it. I don’t think this can only work if we only have to seperate strings for url’s. So we need to find a way to do things like bold and italic texts and things like that within the same sentence/paragraph.


I would love to be able to do this more straightforwardly using i18next’s interpolation somehow, but after reading the docs again, it’s still not clear how we would do it while keeping the tags just in the Jade templates instead of adding them to the views. Can anyone think of a way?

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I want to translate to Bahasa Indonesia, how can I help?

The first step is to migrate the existing translations from the Google Doc to the GitHub according to #123 and the new process. After that, you could start adding new translations in the GitHub directly.


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I can translate from English to German, i already started working over the translations in the Google Document.

@5ANC7UM It looks like the German translations are already closed in the Google Doc, so you should edit them in the GitHub directly from now on. Thanks!

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Hi, I can help (a little) to translate into French.

@Nuna: French is one of the most active languages on translation level. So you can help the other French translators by forking the Git repository and start making commits and pull request :wink: The more people help the better, both in quantity and quality!