Blazing battle achievement

i just stole the diamond ai’s code in the ai db.codelog thing and i beat it

but i didnt get any achievments like the platnium ai silver gold or diamond all i got was bronze ai

i just really needed the gems, and im forced to enter it after a while

Yeah, I actually beat the diamond with my own code and did not get anything…

@ChickenMaster and @NalfarCryptor I beat gold and got nothing, it must be a glitch.!

i just steal the ai’s, pls don;t ban me, i just wanted the gems

I’m pretty sure Platinum ai doesn’t actually exist anyways.

ive seen him in dueling grounds tho

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Wait really? What is the name of it?

his name is platnium ai and when you battle him his name is chieftain cpu or smth i think hes at like 400ish he uses a goliath

I can’t seem to find any ais at all actually; can you show a ss?

sorry i had to go eat

hes at 850 in red dueling grounds ladder

my code right now is pretty rubbish but here

now i have a code that can beat him

(please reply cuz i cant reply more than 3 times in a row)

Lol yeah interesting that he has abilities it looks like

off topic but, buff armored cars, nerf heavy tanks