Talk about multiplayer ladders and other stuff (like talk about usara)

here you can blab about multiplayer!

Yes I will talk about how @nick SHOULD NOT USE USARA IN DUELING GROUNDS it is cheating

well… :smirk: I beat him. :cowboy_hat_face:

Still HE SHOULD NOT USE HER IT IS UNFAIR. :angry: :angry:

but there is a chance that he is testing her out… :smirk:

Or he is using her to move up in the ladder

I summon @abc and @_Codemaster

Now this will bring up a interesting argument

I think he is testing her out and using her to move up the ladder

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jk I have ??? bucks(20)

oh you were kidding I should have known

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should I flag that because it is spam or should i let you get away with it

the answer is my mom gave it to me

the first letter of all of the two letter bundles

I don’t think Nick would need Ursara to move up the ladder.

I think that’s the real reason.

I also think that he was probably testing her out.

he is number 2 on the blue leader board

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