Cavern Combat - AI achievements seem to be broken

I got the achievement for beating the bronze ai. I then went on to beat easy, normal, and hard players, but it never gave me achievements for beating silver or gold. There seems to be no way to fight anything aside from the warm up vs simple CPU or the easy/normal/hard player. What to do?

The match has to be simulated in the “my matches” tab to count I think.
Screenshot from 2023-10-30 15-25-39
I don’t know if there is a way to influence it or not.

In that case, how long does it take to go from the green button saying “game is being ranked” until it assigns me a rank?

Also, for whatever reason, ever time I reply, it seems like I have to delete it and try again, because it just comments without replying. Hmm

Sometimes my code will get simulated against CPUs immediately, sometimes it takes days or weeks. Also, I’m pretty sure silver ai either doesn’t work or doesn’t exist because I have none of the achievements for it.

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Thanks. I’ll try not to let it bother me. Do you know if I have to have a tab of CodeCombat open to the My Matches or Simulate section of the level I want my code be simulated in?

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