Blazing Battle strategy trading chat!

Only by rank I think. I’m 418.

oh ok. and sry about the tons of dots, it don let me send if it is “under 20 characters”

Eh, can’t find u. I am at 565

Now 406 or something WAIT. You might be able to find me if you hit “play”.

K try in g dat rn (20 char thingy so annoying)

Naw cant find u still

I believe that mah current strategy is really good?

I’m at 396 right now. I need an up to date ranking.

K!!! I try to look for u

402 now…

singing You go up, me go down…

What place are you at now?

soo sad suddenly i am at 8084 how a few mins ago i was at like 565

AFK lunch now see ya

Oh you went a LOT down.

Did one of my robobombs kill you?

you found me???

cant find u stillll…:frowning:

What do you mean? I was just asking.

So I changed it to #off-topic. It’s not “technically” off topic, but that’s what we usually do for chats and stuff.