Blazing battle topic

this is where you can talk about the blazing battle @Falcons118 @Eric_Tang @PeterPalov


so who is playing blazing battle right now

otnay emay.

huh what did you say @_Codemaster

imay aidsay otnay emay!

I’m playing and simulating.

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same here @PeterPalov


I am going to play blazing battle later today.

guys i realised you can stack towers

Congrats! 20 chars

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how did i figure that our

what is your name @cheddarcheese

i accidently spawned a cannon on a guard tower

I’ve just won him. 20

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who me or him is @cheddarcheese

I’m 16th place. 20characters

i am in 15 place @Dragonlouis

oh and @Lydia_Song come here to talk about blazing battle

dont advertise zax please dont advertise


lol i just beat you @Lydia_Song some how your new code might need a little work and i am not avertising @cheddarcheese