Blazing Battle strategy trading chat!

Sorry there isn’t a very good category for this, as this is just somewhere to talk about your Blazing Battle strategies and learn some of the possibly infinite tower combos.


All I do, is go by Trial and Error. It’ll work eventually…

Ok that’s fair. Want to hear(see) something I really like to do?

sure…? (YES it is a complete sentence)

Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 08.34.50


with some robobombs mixed in.

I LOVE it when I can blow up my opponent.

Coooooooool. I have legit tried almost every combo, believe me, it takes lotta time. Also, anyone know why when I run it, my firewalls always end up going still?

It’s probably a glitch. The firewalls still work.

I just love it when I can mirror my opponent when I feel all hope is lost. @Deadpool198 I currently have you for an opponnent. Great strategy. :+1: @Oliver_Davidson yea, iknow that, just weird tho it always happens when the fire guys walk inthem…

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 11.45.38 AM

Oh ma gad dis took so long to do


I would love to see how your strategy compares to mine.

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sure. THO I think urs is betta, mine is like. i said, trial and error

Ok, maybe THE OCCASIONAL copy enemy code just for fun

thebagel_user_name_in_coco == “hi560”

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0l173r(20 characters)

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? Is dat ur username?

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Not the 20 characters part.

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K. Any ways to search users?

IN CoCo, i mean…