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Reporting bug in 'Blind distance'


Hi, in blind distance, there is a spot, where ogre cannot be seen. Here is a screenshot


You’ll need glasses that can see through walls.


No, for solving this player just have to move the hero somewhere else. But for unexperienced player is this kind of bug fatal.


Well I think that the unexperienced player would at least try to move their hero but you could use flags if you have any troubles with the level.


Thanks. That level doesn’t except throughWall glasses, so you are right. Could you give me more information? I need sessionID for that case or your username in CodeCombat (if your last session has that bug).


No, this is a forest level and it shouldn’t require those glasses. It’s a bug.


Sorry, what ? where can I get those ID’s? Username is: CeloSK


Do you have a teacher account? I can’t look at your last session for this level.

Anyway, I think I know where the problem is and will try to fix it. Thank you for the feedback!


No, I think I have the Student or individual account.


Hm, it’s weird. Anyway, it should be fixed now. Could you try it again?


Tried just now. It works! Great job.