[Bug] Campain game-dev 2 is accessible without subscription


Good Morning (or whatever) everyone

I would like to report a Bug that lets you access the campain “Game-dev 2” without being a subscriber.
In order to prevent the abusing of this bug until fixed, i will give the information HOW i did it only to a mod or admin.

I also tested the bug with game-dev 1 and web-dev 1 & 2, all of them not working.

At admins: please PM me to get all information have about the bug.



@maka is the one to get this corrected. Thanks.


So, do you mean, i should write him?


He’s already been notified. Putting the @ symbol in front of someone’s name sends an alert.


Ah, okey. Didn’t know you mean that.

I thought, you mean, i should contact him directly without creating a forum thread.


Munk was just summoning me. Please email the information to support@codecombat.com.

Thanks for letting us know.


Alright. Will do it when i’m home