《BUG》I can get to codecombat game development without subscribing

I can get to codecombat game development 1 and 2, also web development 1 and 2 even though I can not access the levels, but if you have subscribed and you have unlocked all the levels, you will be able to play them. And I will send how this bug works to Trust Level 6 or above.

Yeah I think this might be a bug. @stephanie, is this intended or not? It must just be a case that you can access them but can’t play them.

I don’t know what you mean by trust levels. There’s actually only up to 4 here. If you mean admins and moderators, you can send a PM to @stephanie, and she’ll be happy to help.


Yeah,I mean admins, moderators AND owners

In that case you can PM @stephanie

@Minecart_OfDoom thanks for reporting! Yes, please PM with the details so I can investigate. We do have around 100 levels that can be accessed for free. So, I will need more information before I can determine if this is a true bug or not. Thanks again!

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Please give me your email so i can tell you how this bug works. I do not want other players abusing this bug.:sunglasses:

Use team@codecombat.com. And tell them the steps clearly. You can also just use the blue message button on @stephanie’s profile card too. That’ll start a private message that only you and @stephanie can view.


@Chaboi_3000 thanks I have started a private message with @stephanie a few days ago

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Great! Thanks for reporting!

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Thanks! I didn’t know cause I was a new user at that time