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Question or Big issue


Hi, I dont really understand this so I must post to clear my doubts out. If we create maps for the game or we test done levels would be able to play without paying?

Im interested on playing, but I cant pay. If I can support with mapping or testing instead of paying, please let me know.



CodeCombat is free-to-play, and I believe it will remain so in the future.


@ThatOtherPerson is correct: CodeCombat is free to play, but we do have subscriber-only content. We don’t currently offer any way to gain access to that content via contributing, but we welcome and support contributions if you’re interested!


So we help and get nothing for it? I never said something like money or similar, but even access?

This is so common in game industry. A game gets a good idea and because the leaders of the project don’t have much knowledge of how to make money out of it without forcing users to pay it gets eventually lost.

I never got why those directors never look up in internet and see what happened to people taking the same way they do. I will tell you what will happen. Someone with enough money and knowledge will try out the game and make his own, stealing your idea and all those who are so loyal here will run to there.

People don’t like to pay for internet content. That’s why there is ads and similar.


Actually @Jei, what we do for our helpful Adventurers (playtesters) is allow you to access all the new levels for free while they’re in their week of playtesting before we send them out to all our players. So if you start the levels in that week and give us feedback, you can get access without a subscription–our way of saying thanks for helping us test things.


how can I join the playtesters’ group then?


Click the checkmark that says “Get emails when there are new levels to test.” on the Adventurer page.


CodeCombat is free-to-play game, and I think it will remain like that in future. But have fun playin’ it.