Bug - Is cleave working properly across desert?

I’m trying the Sarven Shepard level and it really seems like cleave is doing little to no damage to enemies. I’m currently using the Long Sword and I’m watching the attack command knock of significant levels from the enemies.

Cleave on the other hand, has little to no effect (and typically seems to first occur while the enemies are out of its range). And this seems to have been the case for what feels like most of the desert – attack does a lot of damage and cleave does next to nothing.

Is that just me? Or possibly just the weapon I’m using?

Are you looking at fighting ogre scouts? They look like ogre munchkins, but have sand-colored skin instead of blue skin, are slightly bigger, and are much stronger. The Long Sword’s cleave doesn’t do enough damage to kill them, so it’s not nearly as effective as against munchkins, which it kills instantly.

That makes sense. Orge scouts are part of the problem. But it doesn’t seem like it works particularly well on Shaman or just plain Orges either.

BTW, is DPS, Damage Per Second or Damage Per Swing?

Right, cleave only does like 15 damage, and the ogre shamans, scouts, and medium ogres have 60, 75, and 120 health. So by the end of the desert, you’ll be doing a lot better with an upgraded sword.

DPS is damage per second.

Got it – its a tough level!

I upgraded to the Katana and added the Steel Helm and the Defensive Infantry Shield to go with the Steel Breastplate (approximately 300 health with Hattori. Even with all of that (and using Power-Up), my success rate is only about 50% of the time.