Level the agrippa defense

Just few things:
The “cleave” sword is not required for this level, but it’s needed.
The second group of enemy arrives very soon, so cleave is not ready. If it’s a way to test that the basic attack is in place, maybe enemy with more space between them could be enough. I don’t know if players with low armor will survive, even with good code.
Last point : at the end, I kill only 27/28. Where is the last one ? :wink:

Cleave isnt needed. i beat it with a greatsword. :slight_smile:

For sure with a great armor and weapon, but the level request to learn how to cleave…

This one should also be requiring the Long Sword already; what weapon did you use where it didn’t try to make you use the Long Sword instead?

In my test, the player only takes 94 damage while using normal attack to kill the second wave and cleave to kill the first and third waves.

Fixed the 27/28 thing.

i used a greatsword when i did it. might have been fixed since then though

I think it was also the greatSword (65dps and power up)

Ah, right; I’ve restricted those more powerful weapons, too, so that players going back with better gear don’t see the weirdness.

ok, it’s working. Both points solved.