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Building Archer Towers


When I try to build an archer tower, it says I need a string of one to build it. How do I fix this?


what level is that.Can I see your code


Yes, as Roland says, we need to see your build command


I tried to build an archer-tower. :smile:


Ah, it sounds like you mean this:

As you can see from the error message it tells you what the “string” is…

  1. I assume you have the Stone Builder’s Hammer (since, you have to have it to build an archer tower).

  2. you should know that the build command looks like:

self.buildXY("what-to-build", x, y)  # each lang is slightly different of course

notice that what-to-build is in quotes, you also need to spell it correctly, which the error message shows you. (Assuming you have the ability to build it.)

“this is a string”


thisIsAStringVariable = “this is a string”


self.buildXY("arrow-tower", x, y)


arrowTower = "arrow-tower"
self.buildXY(arrowTower, x, y);

where x & y are the x & y coords for where to build it, of course.