CS3 Sarven Gaps

I cannot build “fence” because buildTypes of buildXY only allows these: ["decoy", "fire-trap", "arrow-tower"].

Could you please share a screenshot of your equipment?

Thanks for your quick response. This is screenshot from my student’s account. Everything works fine on my account though.

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Alright, I think I’ve found the issue.
Your student appears to be using the ‘Stone Builder’s Hammer’. This does not have the ability to build fences. If they go to the Game Menu (to the right of the level name), select Change Hero, Next, and then from the list of items to the right select the ‘Crude/Wooden Builder’s Hammer’, then click Play and run the code again, the level should complete.


This is a bug for class levels, since you cannot change your gear when in class mode, then this level might be impossible to solve, maybe use fire traps?

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