Can i post my Game Dev.2 final project?

So, I made a game on game dev.2 and i was wondering if i could post it somehow with a link or something on the discourse. Can you help?

What do you mean? 2000

like, if i created a topic or do it on annother, could i make a link for it for others to play?

yes see this image on the top right? press it and it will do the play test, post that link

i can’t find a share button.

copy the link on the top

I found it. it said i could copy it, but on the bottom.

Where is a good idea to post it?


I mean, should i make a new topic, or post it on an existing one?

do a new #adventurer one and put the name of the level on the topic title

like this one The Ogres Are Coming!

you should tell them you have to click it

Why did you use my level @Jake_Doggy