A small question

I want to ask a small question.
I made a level in Game Dev 2 Final project.

How can I share this level? Please help me.

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here look

hi-light it and click on it it will give options click copy now go to the discorse click on reply or creat a new topic click the blank space it will say paste click on that got it

If I copy this link, it will be the link t the level, where you have to do your ew level. I want to share my level that I made in this level.

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I think when you finish your level, you click “play” then if you beat your level,click “done”.It will pop up a link that you can copy after you click “done”.That link will bring you to the level that you created.


oh i know how go to the page where you code and you can click play then look at the retart button look a bit to the left then you will see a button called: GAME click it then scroll down there is a copy link thing click it
and now you can paste the link anywhere.

Okay, thanks. I will try later.

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