Can we PLEASE get CodeCombat in C# ? Petition maybe?

What would it take to get CodeCombat in C# ? I’m wanting to learn C# for coding for AR and VR devices, and while I realize it will be much easier to learn another language once I know one, I haven’t found any really great tools for learning C# similar to CodeCombat (I learn SO much better from games), and it is really difficult to keep motivated to go through one of the languages currently available, when I know it isn’t the one I want to learn.

What would it take to get CodeCombat in C#? If any of the programmers/etc. are reading this, can you please give us a hard number of people that if we all signed a petition or some other thing, saying we wanted CodeCombat in C# that you’d offer it? Like how many people would we need so we could get a Kickstarter together for CodeCombat in C#? What would be especially great if there was some way for CodeCombat to teach both C# and Unity.

Seriously, what can we do to get CodeCombat in C#?


Talk to @serg, @Catsync or @nick

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Its possible and you should tell @nick. But to be honest, that would take a lot of time to develop as you would need somebody experienced with C# to do this. I think this is a good idea, but just not on the top of the priority list.


So would it become a higher priority if we could get a list of people who’d be interested in backing a kickstarter for it?


No I’m just saying that there are more important things such as bugs in the game and adding new content. Adding a WHOLE new language would take a couple months and when you’re a developer, that is A LOT of time.


The most likely way to get some new language added to the game is for someone to step up to lead an open-source effort to create a JavaScript-based parser for it that can hook into our interpreter, so you would just need to find such a heroic hero. (That’s how our Python, Lua, and CoffeeScript languages were added: from the open-source community.)


Sounds like an interesting challenge to me! Where would I potentially start to understand the bindings to C# & JS? I Work on a cross compiling framework (C# -> JS) as my day job. So definately be up for giving it a go. Already know the technology I would use. Mainly interested in how the user would enter code and then parse into your interpreter.

P.S I’m quite new to CodeCombat, saw this on reddit today and caught my attention!


Here’s some old info that’s somewhat still relevant:

Our transpiler engineer Rob can give some more info on best practices that we’ve learned in the following years–just ping rob in the open-source Slack:


I could probably do this. 20 years dev experience. It would be fun to do.


So is anything happening with this project? I’m still hoping for a C# version of the game.

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Have you made any progress? Are you still interested in the project?

Have you made any progress? Are you still interested in the project? Have you talked to Geinome about working together?

Has there been any updates on it by this point? :grin: New combatter here, using c++ because c# wasn’t availale. I love how hings are taught here nice and simply, I wish for that same introduction to c#, I hope it will come to pass!

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Have a great time! :partying_face:

I haven’t heard of any updates… @Chaboi_3000, will you, or have you already added C#

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the devs have added c ++ i guess its close enough

C# will not be available soon as we need to fix up some issues within the current languages.

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