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Language request - C# / C Sharp


When a friend recommended this game, I instantly registered and started to play - but: I missed C# in the language selection.

I know that it’s a huge task to add another language, but I’m wondering if it’s technically possible to also do all this with C#?

I like to play (err… develop) around with Unity Engine, where I really could use some C# knowledge. I’d also like to know if anybody else here would be interested in this addition.


I would love to learn C#. I have done all the missions in java script, but I know that c# is a huge language (especially with Unity), and I would love to see that added. :smile:


Hey there, check this out:

A while ago, this contest started(not sure if it is ongoing) and it is a contest on who can write a clean/clear parser for different languages.
For me, it seems way beyond my current realm of possible projects.
Maybe you could try!