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Can we put PVP in the game?

I was wondering if we can add PvP. Where people face off against each other using there skills to see who could win. There would be levels like, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance. It would be a race about who could finish their coding faster to attack the other player and more.

Do you mean like the multi-player PvP levels we have now?

There is the multiplayer game called carven survival, which is in Kithgard Dungeon.

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I am going to take a guess here, but I think he is wanting real time type interaction.

It’s very difficult to use live-coding to create a battle. That’s going to take years to finish.

yes, something like that where players fight each other in a arena in real time.

While I do think that some kind of “realtime” arena would be nice, theres probably just too much that would have to be handled.

Changing code mid-battle

Errors may appear mid-battle, so it would be necessary to change code and continue, even though it’s “flawed”
Having an error appear (for example for not taking invisibility into account and because of that you suddenly have no position that you want to pass to a function) or anything like that could literally just end it instantly.
My thought on that would then be: It would probably end in a way, where people just fight for “cause his code to throw an error!” or similar, instead of actually trying to make a code that battles with him.
There’s just so little time to “fix”, that your character’d probably be dead before having it fixed and “resend” so it probably isn’t the best approach that way.

Time Limit for the code

In this case, there’d also be the problem of “too little time” to take things like invisibility into account and focusing on this would definitely weaken the other parts, making it more of a 50/50% chance of having a useful code?
But that also depends on how much time one has, for example, if there’s a whole day time, you’d probably be able to take these things into account, too
but then again, in this case, people’d just be copy pasting older code, making it more or less useless

Long term battle, low tickrate, possibly even with a point system with revival and such

this would probably be a possibility, where the actual fight would be in extreme “slowmotion”, but that would probably not be as appealing as other instances, simply due to the time a single battle would take.
and here again, you’d still have people simply copy-pasting older code, just to save time and all.

Long term, low tickrate strategy type

something where you’d have your own “map”, gather things to get “money” in order to produce soldiers or similar and then attacking “nearby” players, with the maps as a tile-map so to say, where people would just hop in and start, never really ending unless the whole map’s been conquered.
that would be a possiblity, but i think that it’s too different to CodeCombat currently. While appealing (for me atleast), there’re games that utilize this approach already (though they usually cost money) and if it wouldn’t have enough players, it wouldn’t really be worth the work it would need to do it, as well as balancing heroes so you don’t just take a summoner class and overrun the basic heroes, without even building/recruiting anything or similar.

It would probably be better, if at all, to have a new game for “realtime” battles, which uses CodeCombats style of characters abilities and functionality, with very different balance than in CodeCombat itself.

Other than that all i could advice for something like this would be to ask friends or people on here for something like that (if i’m not totaly mistaken, you can create “clan tournaments” or similar? Haven’t been in a clan, so I don’t know for sure), where there’d be a set “end” time and all that, which would be more or less the 2nd approach, just with the currently existing features.

But then again, all of it is my personal opinion, obviously. There’re probably more approaches to this than what i can think of :stuck_out_tongue: Question’s just if it would be worth the time.

I think the problem “changing code mid-battle” is not really a problem but a challenge of who can get their code right & typed the fastest. I also don’t think is will take all day to make a simple code to attack, defend, run, and to build. Granted that it will probably take a awhile to build the arenas, rules, and levels ect., but not to play in the arena against other people. You also could put a timer on the battle. And the problem about cut & past … can’t we just make it against the rule to use? As for the other points that you pointed out, I really didn’t think about long term games just the short term ones. I like the idea of long term, but that’s after we see how short term games goes. Thank you for your opinions:)

PS; I’m knew to coding so I can be ignorant of a lot of things and how things work::expressionless: