Co-operative multiplayer?

Competitive PvP multiplayer is great, but sometimes I’d rather play a casual co-op game where we work together to defeat the bad guys or solve some puzzle.

I’m sure it’s been given some thought before. Is this on the roadmap?

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I’d like to see the need to create and pass variables and functions. Team PVP…player 1 needs to create this function, player 2 another, and so forth. You have limited number of tries to test your code before finalizing the submission. Difficulty can be based on amount of time you have to submit your code. Example…you have 1 day to complete your task. Finally you can have a captain code the primary code that uses all the functions. # of rounds are based on the number of players where players rotate on the different roles (ex. builder, soldier, captain (handles main program it self)).

What do you guys think? And yes, there are so many ways to do Co-Op…this is quite an area to explore!

I think the closest to what we already have would be team survival. Through several characters together into the same room of monsters. Rank on survival time (that might get long without fast increasing complexity) or efficiency (monsters eliminated in set time).

We certainly do have plans for synchronous co-op play (not async like the current PVP), and some of the work is done, but I’m not sure when exactly we’ll have the time to tackle the rest of it. We want to get synchronous PVP fully finished and enabled first, that’s for sure.

The way it will work in synchronous co-op is that you’ll start playing a level, inviting other players to join your game (perhaps there will be levels that require N players), and then you’ll all have your heroes in there. The levels may be asymmetric so that you’ll have to cooperate with different roles to win. When everyone is ready to attempt it, they hit submit, and then the randomized level starts in real-time, ready for action with flags a-flyin’.