Idea for Code Combat #2

There will be a level that gives a low amount of gems and exp, that you can replay. Every time you replay it your code is reset and the level monsters/map is randomized. It will help beta players get gems while the developers are… well developing.

Not sure that make sense for farming. People will write flexible enough code (look at multiplayer like survival, it’s randomized and against other players on top) and then it turns into copy/paste/run/repeat. Grind takes fun out of it.

I do agree that crystals balance is being an issue at moment.

We do want to make it so that you can keep earning more gems by continuing to play multiplayer, but we haven’t hooked that up yet, unfortunately.

But then, you can just copy the code first, replay the game, paste, finish, rplay the game,paste ,finish
then you will get infinite gems

But also sometimes you are stuck in a level because of to less health, so you need to buy new armor but, you dont have enough gems, and the only way to get it is to finish a level (i think) so it is impossible unless you buy extra gems for real money…

so i agree and disagree

Perhaps you could grind by learning multiple languages? I am going back and trying it all in JavaScript now.

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Maybe its like just one button that cycles through a ton of different level