Cannot access access individual after switching to classroom mode

I paid for the lifetime access to the individual campaign and joined the classsroom mode later. Now the login page always direct me to the classroom page. It doesnt have any link to the individual campaign anymore. Some earlier post mentioned that I need separate accounts for these two services. How do I recover my access to the individual campaign in this case?

@Mibojobo, tell @maka your codecombat username and he’ll fix it, or you can tell me your username, and I can contact him.

I asked my student to pay for it as well. How do we pay for the classroom mode in order for my students to use it in the classsroom? Apparently, it’s wrong for us to pay for the individual campaign.

You can convert your current account into invididual and make another account for classroom mode and purchace a classroom course there. And students who purchased subscriptions should do the same(Except buying the course). Can you post the list of usernames who bought the subscription? Including yours?

My username is mibojobo. One of my student has paid for individual campaign. What we need is classroom mode not the individual campaign. But it doesn’t work after we paid. Can you convert us to the classsroom mode? I have a classroom with 9 students signed up already. You can find it in the system

Contacted them to change it, it might take time though. And I need the student’s name too.

We already had our record in the system and we prefer not to wipe it out. In addition, most students only have one email account. It doesn’t make sense to ask them to find a second account just for this purpose. If we do need two accounts per person, I prefer to convert it to the classsroom mode.

I did contact them via email. But no response yet.

Since you are a subscriber, it should be in the priority inbox, but I can contact the devs directly for you. I’ve asked @maka to switch you to individual, but since I dont know your students’ username, I cant convert them

Once you convert my account, will I lost all the classroom record?

I dunno, but probably it will just be in the archive somewhere.

My student is Maruowo. Is there any way to keep our classroom record before you make the conversion?

Hi there,

When you convert to a teacher or student, you get locked into the Classroom version of CodeCombat. If you just want to switch back, that’s very easy for us to do.

But, if you want to switch back, after students have done work, without losing any of the work, that’s quite complicated.

Too complicated to be handled on the forum. The best way to handle this is to email

@Mibojobo - I have found your email and will respond to you there. It will be complicated to fix, but we can fix it.

@Chaboi_3000 - thank you for trying to assist, but in the future, please just @me and direct users to email There is more staff watching the email inboxes than the forums, so those are always the better choice.


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Thanks maka I’ve tried, but since I’m not the administrator, I don’t have permission to do these stuff and I won’t exactly know the steps. Next time, I’ll keep that in mind. :wink: I can only assist in codecombat levels, or assist in any computer issues, or dev setup

hello, can someone help me change back to individual mode?

can you help me convert back to individual???

@Ryan can you convert him back? Thanks.

@Michael_Tsan if you are still having this issue please reply with your code combat username so I can find the account.