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Stuck in a class


Hey, browsing google I stumbled into this class:

Coding Club(Python)

And now I cannot play the game normally, it just takes me to this beginner Python class. Is there a way to leave the class?


Yes, you have to contact the staff here on the discourse or email them and give them your username, their email is under contact. If you want to message staff here then I would message @maka


You can leave the class, but you can’t change your student account into a campaign account, only fellow devs can only do, it. Can you tell us your username so @maka can change your account into the normal campaign one? Enjoy your time in codecombat discourse!
Best @Chaboi_3000


Hey, thanks for the help! My username is Ispanico.


I need you to email in the request, Alan. Send it to


i made myself the teacher thinking it would give me free premium(Which it doesn’t,and it said it did)& i was at backwoods forest & i want to go back to the normal campaign but i don’t know how to end the classroom.


Email and tell them to deteacher you and also be sure to tell them your username too. Please refrain from upgrading to teacher unless you are a teacher.


@Wyatt_Guski As Chaiboi mentions below, we can convert you back – where does it say teacher accounts get free premium? It shouldn’t say.



ok i may have misread it now that i look at it again,sorry.


hold on sorry,who do i have to contact to convert me back.& what info do they need.



Hi @BlackNinja - I don’t have a way to verify that mwong26 here is the same person as mwong26 in the game, so I can’t do it from a request here. That’s why we need you to email from the address linked to your account.

Also, you should email us in case I’m on vacation! Stephanie also does support for us and can assist in that case.



@BlackNinja - I heard from your teacher and I’ve converted you to an individual user. Have fun!