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What are you supposed to do in the siege of stonehold?


It doesn’t let me move tharin or tell him to attack, and it doesn’t tell me how I should ‘defeat’ Thoktar’s army, and I have no Idea why it is doing that.

Now you can't beat savern brawl

the level, once you get him to actually move and do things, is impossible for me at the moment. there are too many enemies, along with too little allies, and the ones you do have are pretty weak.


That level is weird. Bit it seems that all you have to do is survive until the timer runs out and kill everything they throw at you.

I have no idea what the peasants are for. I know you can control the hero.


for now, I tried various approach as you can use various heroes with throw or build capacity.
I only managed to survive, but not to kill all enemy, so I just ran out of time.
After beeing so much restricted in the possibilities for the previous levels, it’s strange to be so free.


The simplest strategy I know of is to get a warrior with several hundred health (~300 isn’t enough), then cleave/attack to help your soldiers, but using flags to make sure you don’t run out ahead and die, or to help protect your archers.

Let me know how it goes with what you try, especially with what gear you have and whether it works or not, so I can further balance the level. It’s supposed to be really challenging.


I just use warrior with a power-up sword (cleave should work good too it probably works better i might swap it out). when i see enemies i go bash / attack them. rinse and repeat until i win. Didn’t even use flags :slight_smile:


Is using a claymore in siege of stonehold a good idea?


nick, i have about 400 health and i still die near the end. the closest I’ve gotten is about 15 seconds til the end.


Help! I can’t move, don’t know what to do! I wrote a good program but it won’t move and I die! I am playing in firefox, should I play in chrome or something?


less than 300 health, and far to succeed. Cleave does not help much against long range enemy.

I’m not used to used flags. And there are not available when you run your code… you have to submit. So I don’t think to use them.


What did you do. I don’t know how to follow a friendly.


You would need to have a set of glasses so that you could find a friendly, then you could move to its position, not sure the best way to implement though, just a nudge in the right direction. :slight_smile:


I do but how do you get the self.follow command?


i dont think there is one…

you’d do like…

friend = this.getNearestFriend();


this.moveXY(friend.pos.x, friend.pos.y);

if it were me, i’d first check for a nearby enemy (within some distance range, lets say 20) if there’s an enemy go attack it, else move to friendly’s position.


I have honestly no clue how to do this level. I have tried nick’s method, I have tried with traps, and walling myself in the enclosure, but even if you run out of time you still lose. I literally have been trying for about 3 hours now, and am at a loss. Can someone give me a sample of their code that they beat the level with? I just can’t do it. @nick


Join the club. I have been at this level for 3 days now : (


never mind

# You'll need great equipment and strategy to win.
self.buildXY("fence", 23, 60)
self.buildXY("fence", 25, 60)
self.buildXY("fence", 23, 76)
    flag1 = self.findFlag("green")
    flag2 = self.findFlag("black")
    flag3 = self.findFlag("violet")
    if flag1:
        # How do we get fx and fy from the flag's pos?
        fx = flag1.pos.x
        fy = flag1.pos.y
        self.buildXY("fire-trap", fx, fy)
    elif flag2:
        # How do we get fx and fy from the flag's pos?
        fx = flag2.pos.x
        fy = flag2.pos.y
        self.buildXY("fence", fx, fy)
    elif flag3:
        # How do we get fx and fy from the flag's pos?
        fx = flag3.pos.x
        fy = flag3.pos.y
        self.moveXY(fx, fy)

how did you manage to place traps but not kill yourself or how do you know the respond time of the ogers in each exit.


Just a minor comment here on your code. Your variable names are not very easy to debug. I’d recommend using variable names like green; black; and violet Then just looking at your code it is clear which flag to drop for each command.


Just tried it again; I was able to do it with Tharin and the Long Sword only taking 347 damage, but it took me four tries to do it that efficiently, and I had to make sure that I only attacked guys that were within 20 meters of me and mostly using flags to move myself around so that I could jump into the battle where it helped, plus making sure I hit well with cleave.

If I simply loop attack/cleave and don’t use flags or anything smart at all, I take 795 damage.

So how well you play, and how good your strategy is, should make the difference between needing 348 health and 796 health. (All random seeds are different, so these numbers aren’t exact.) This is assuming Tharin/Anya and the long sword. Other heroes will play very differently.