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Cannot get back to forest once I am in the dessert


I tried clicking the arrow to get back into forest but it keep forcing me to play The Dunes


Hmmm, strange, it works for me. You can always change the URL to go directly to the forest:

Have you tried reloading the browser? If it continues to not work we’ll have to track down the issue.


Is it that the arrow is too close to the level, possibly? If you could send a screenshot of where you are clicking, it might help.


I’m having the exact same problem. Using Chrome Version 39.0.2171.95 m. This is doing this on my work computer as well.


sometimes i’m able to but nick your right
I just spam the click button.


It keeps thinking I’m trying to get to “The Dunes” which I am not. If I do intentionally click on “The Dunes” I’m expecting the subscribe to code combat drop down but that never comes.


I was also having this issue.


Ah, I see, it happens when The Dunes is in its embiggened state. I’ll move the arrow further away.


So that’s what it’s called? “embiggened state”. It would be useful to know some of those terms. :wink:

Cool cool!


Looks like it’s solved. I can now easily get back to the previous world.


Same. I can confirm it is fixed as well!