Cannot receive a recovery password!

Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone else is having this show up when they try to get a recovery password:

ERROR: The request could not be satisfied


The request could not be satisfied.

 Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront) Request ID: QNbJayoGiBwpmcUCOPJORO5Mpg99m08QV6v9Ym0GOK7TYK0dM7cXeA== 

I don’t know how to fix this, I was wondering if someone had the same issue and was able to get past it.

Hey shmibieh, sorry about that–the mailserver we are using for sending recovery passwords is getting mauled due to demand during Hour of Code. Anyone needing password recoveries this week can private message me with their username or email and I’ll hook you up.

Same, I can’t receive a recovery password… how can I private message you @nick? (I don’t even see the “send a private message” button…)

@cleo recovery password generation through the site should be working, since I switched it to a better mailserver; is it giving you an error, or are you not getting the email…?

I don’t have any error, I simply don’t receive any email. I checked in the junk box, nothing neither…
So, I don’t know what to do… :frowning:

I just messaged you a new password.

@nick Im not receiving any recovery password email either :/! HELP :c

Please don’t bring up a dead topic. If you look at the top you have replied to a topic that has been left alone fore 3 YEARS! Create another topic for this question

I’m sorry xD! and thank you for replying

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