Password Reset Link

i am unable to login to my teacher account, my password isn’t being accepted. so i have tried the reset password option but i am not receiving the emails with the reset password.
is there an issue with these being sent. the email address is still receiving emails. but if that email address server is the issue can i get the reset emails sent to another emails address?

Hi @rankim68, welcome to the community!
About your problem, I use Google to sign in, so I don’t know about your problem, but there is something you can do before finding staff for help.
Also, before I use Google to sign in, I’ve used a password to login to my account. I remember that the last time I forgot my password, the reset password email worked for me.
Here’s way proof check if it’s a bug or a mistake:
Check if your email is correctly typed in (is there any spelling mistakes?)
Don’t only check your primary mailbox (maybe check the spam box?)
I don’t know if it’s a thing, but maybe your email is blocking the mail (?) (Probably not)
If you still can’t figure it out, I’ll help you call for staff.
Have a good day (or night)! — Ethan