Cannot register new account on my own CodeCombat server


I pulled the source code from github, and ran it on my own server. But the problem I am facing is when I tried to register a new account, the email could not be sent out to my mailbox. So that I could not continue the registration.

Is there any configuration I was missing?

Thanks for help!!!

There really should be no need to check your email to sign up for a local server account; you could just sign up with something and use that account email to sign in each time.

Thanks for your response.
But I tried to register an independent user, it asked me to input an email address, with message that I will receive an email which would tell me how to proceed the registration.
And I was asked to input password when try to sign in. I typed some words and clicked sign in, nothing happened but an error message say page not found.
Please advise. I appreciate.

Could you show screenshots and server logs? And are you using a proxy server or a local server? Because assuming you use the correct username and password to login there should be no issues.

Server logs should also output a user verification link, in which you can access and “verify” your account.

Log Example
2016-10-26T14:56:15.418Z - debug: Tried to send email with context:  {
  "email_id": "tem_z7Xvj3mtWYk6ec6aW7RwFk",
  "recipient": {
    "address": "",
    "name": "tester"
  "email_data": {
    "name": "tester",
    "verify_link": ""

(Replace the with localhost:3000.)

You can also check to see if an account is created with

mongo coco --eval 'db.users.find()' 

and looking to see if there is an entry with the username you signed up with.