Can't login to CodeCombat

I just created a new account yesterday but i cant log in to the game. When i try it simply says “User not found”. If i try to recover my password it says “Email not found”.
If i try activating my account with the activation link i received, it says my account is already activated.

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Why can’t u? What’s the problem?

He doesnt know thats why hes asking.

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interesting case maybe you misspelled your email i dont know but i gonna summon him @nick

When i try to log in it says user not found. If i try to recover password it says email not found.

@The_legendary_pro19, I’m not sure Deadpool will be able to help. Cheddar cheese already summoned the person who can help.

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Thats a username problem,not a password problem, try using your actual username to log in? Or if you used google, use google