Cannot submit code (Sky-Span)

Hi, first of all my wizard name is Luskaner:

I’m trying to submit a game but I cannot do, this is the error that appears on the javascript console:

Uncaught Error: Aether options are invalid: [
        "message": "invalid type: undefined (expected boolean)",
        "code": 0,
        "dataPath": "/includeFlow",
        "schemaPath": "/properties/includeFlow/type",
        "subErrors": null,
        "stack": "Error: invalid type: undefined (expected boolean)\n    at new s (\n    at a.createError (\n    at a.validateType (\n    at a.validateBasic (\n    at a.validateAll (\n    at a.validateObjectProperties (\n    at a.validateObject (\n    at a.validateAll (\n    at Object.o.validateMultiple (\n    at t.exports (\n    at new e (\n    at t.a.exports.t.transpileSession (\n    at t.a.exports.t.rankSession (\n    at HTMLButtonElement.e (\n    at HTMLDivElement.Z.event.dispatch (\n    at HTMLDivElement.m.handle ("

No matter how many code I comment, this still happens (if you so desire i’ll post my code).
I’m using Google Chrome 37.0.2062.124 m on Windows.

Thanks in advance,

Sorry about that! Thanks for the heads up; I’ve committed a fix here. I will send it up in a production deploy soon.

No problem i guess you guys need more unit tests :wink:

We certainly do. The codebase has been growing like crazy, far outstripping my limited patience for adding tests, much to Scott’s dismay.