Sky Span not loading

The level Sky Span isn’t loading right now.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of undefined
    at a.$detectNewLine (<anonymous>:1:121005)
    at a.insert (<anonymous>:1:122752)
    at a.setValue (<anonymous>:1:120644)
    at b.setValue (<anonymous>:1:209337)
    at t.exports.t.fillACE (<anonymous>:5415:41)
    at t.exports.t.afterRender (<anonymous>:5294:6)
    at t.exports.t.render (app.js:4866)

I traced the error down to template-anya's programmableMethods.chooseAction.source being undefined (causing this line to fail and giving us the above stack trace).

Pressing the Play button doesn’t seem to reload the changes though, not even with direct. Got this error choosing humans vs. AI; ogres vs. AI gives a different one. :disappointed:

Do I need to save the level and make a commit to fix it?

Also, is there a way to import/export levels, so I can make changes and test locally?

Sky Span is the old version of that that doesn’t work any more. We have a new version that’s not officially launched yet that’s much better, so look forward to that coming out.